Vintage frigidaire stoves


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  1. Tell
    Tell 2 years ago

    Oi Diana td bem prazer linda qria tanto uma mulher assim igual vc realizaria tdos meus desejos e vc o seu;)

  2. Groramar
    Groramar 2 years ago

    I don't think a thirty yo chatting up girls in a bar is wrong or odd. I think the women weren't interested, so they decided to humiliate the guy. The guy should have read it better, and gone away with the friend. Arguing about it with immature women is only going to get you more ridicule in a group of uninterested drinking women. It wasn't a good night for either sex. Cept the friend, who had the right idea to play it safe.

  3. Malanos 2 years ago

    fuck girl i learned to write with one hand because of you. would love to get to know you

  4. Zulkigami 2 years ago

    Damn you fine.

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