Wife sex party stories


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  1. Vugore 2 years ago

    It's possible he was disappointed by their gender when they were born but got over it. But I'm not a parent. Some say it gets a little easier once they are out of diapers and can do some things for themselves.

  2. Fenrim
    Fenrim 2 years ago

    So i was watching this movie and eating a bag of cheetos, as you do when masturbating, when, all of a unexpected, i eyed that my dick had revved bright fucking orange. I realised that it was most likely just that awesome cheeto dust, so i determined i would attempt to give it the succ. This is the day when i found out that i can actually give myself a BJ.

  3. Akinoshicage 2 years ago

    Hey wanna make my dick smile

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